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Posted: 09 September 1996
News Release
The HillSafe System.
Leeds, UK, September 1, 1996:- Going into the Hills? - Here are 10 Questions you should have Answers for -
  • Does anyone know where you're going & when you’ll be back?
  • Have you recorded today’s weather forecast?
  • Do you know your pacing over steep ground?
  • Can you record accident details in the wet?
  • How long does it take to walk 300m at 5 kph?
  • Have you got planned escape routes?
  • Do you know your search drills?
  • What is the effect of wind-chill?
  • What is today’s freezing level or cloud base?
  • Do you know your Helicopter Rescue drills?
Did you know the HillSafe System is only £5 when ordered using

Further Information
MMC enterprises, Leeds, ENGLAND
or Click here for Online Info


23 August 1996: Me and my friend Florin Pop, we wish to organise an expedition on Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya. We need some information regarding that mountain (maps, pictures and other things that can help us). Also we need some addresses from company like Salewa, Tatanka, Mamut, Gore-Tex (Maybe they will wish to sponsor us)
Florin is the second climber from Romania and around the 500 position on Mondial Top. He just came from Ararat where he climbed and conquested alone this mountain.
He made a no limits club K2 - is the only one no limits club from east Europe.
I am very happy because I find you, because we are alone right here in Romania.

Thank you very much,
Dan Popovici

Hong Kong
Mountaineering rocks!! (pun not intended! )

19 August 96: Excellent idea!

, Australia
09 August 96: Great Job!!

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