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This Release: 04 August 1996

News Release
In the Footsteps of Shackleton 1997

Seattle, WA, August 1. 1996 --- As a tribute to one of the world's great heroes, a group of international adventurers and mountaineers will try to follow in the footsteps of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton. The British explorer who, against all odds, completed a treacherous course over ice, sea and mountains to save the lives of his crew after losing his ship to the forces of the Antarctic ice.

The 1997 expedition will retrace the final chapter of this historic journey, the arduous trek across the mountainous interior of South Georgia Island, which Shackleton and five of his men reached by open boat, leaving the rest of his crew on Elephant Island. This traverse has not been accomplished by a private expedition since Shackleton's time.

The aim of next years expedition is to revive and honor the memory of these men, and to spread awareness of this deed as a continuing inspiration and testimony to the capabilities of humankind.

Providing logistic support to the expedition will be Adventure Network International, the world's premier expedition company for Antarctic mountaineering and logistics. ANI has engaged a specially equiped Russian Oceanographic vessel, to bring the party from Ushiaia, Argentina, to South Georgia's west coast (King Haakon Bay) and again rendezvous with the expedition party at Stromness, abandoned Norwegian whaling station on the east side of the island, which was also the terminus of the Shackleton rescue party. The traverse will take place 81 years after the original completed by Shackleton.

The expedition leader is the the internationally-known mountaineer and expedition guide Martyn Williams, whose 25 years of experience include leading expeditions to the South and North Poles and Mount Everest.

Further information:
In the Footsteps of Shackleton:
February 18 - March 10 1997, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the death of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton
Hans-Jurgen Prohl, Seattle USA
Tel. 206 325 3342, Fax:
or Adventure Network International, UK:
Tel. 44 1494 671808, Fax: 44 1494 671725,

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The 2111 Foundation for Exploration offers various long-term International and Commonwealth prizes for the opening of non-terrestrial surface frontiers, including:
 "  AD2111 Southern Polar Prize
 "  AD2109 Northern Polar Prize
 "  Highest Peak / AD2153 Mountaineering Prize

Further information on the above, and other grants for expeditions, available from the Expedition Link

Kevin Ainsworth, UK
31 July: I am a member of a UK based mountaineering club. Will Mountain have a club notes section?
• Eventually yes, provided of course we get contributions. Kevin, Please email me your correct email address - Ed
  Hikers! Backpackers!
URGENT Call to Action!

Your participation is crucial in the planning process for the magnificent backcountry of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.
Please read on... More Information here

15 May 1996: This is an excellent idea. I just hope that the next time I visit this site there will be more information to receive. Good luck.

6 June 1996: This is really nice. I hope you can provide much more links to information specific on climbing, weather in some areas, climbing restrictions and addresses. I will make notice of your site in the mountain magazine of the Dutch mountain organization. Good luck.

17 June 96: Mt Mc Kinley has a good home page with links to climbing info at This would be a good addition to your North American climbing info. Nice page keep up the good work.

19 July: Aesthetic, informative...

18 July: You guys are great. I just linked up to your page from mine, Heinekens Bier Haus. I'm glad I hitched up with yall because I luv the outdoors. I do a lot of camping and hiking. Luv to Backpack in Spring and Fall. Dont do so much in summer because it is too damn hot down south. Ill tell all my friends about you and do my part to get more people reading your zine. I have a petition on the bottom of my page. I would appreciate it your would sign it. We are trying to get Harry Browne in the Presidential Debates. Signing the petition does not mean you support Harry, but it does show you believe in free elections. Thank You. Scotty

, Sweden
22 July: Thanks for interesting articles but it takes ages to go from the frontpage to the features. Is this common?
• We hope to eventually have mirror sites all around the world - when the magazine has some money to spend! - Ed

23 July: Hi, all. I know you claim to use only 100% recycled material in the production of your 'mag', but are those "post-consumer" electrons? - Gotcha!
Thanks for publishing this fine work! I was really getting sick of the other 'climbing' mags that are on the net.

23 July: Cool page, glad I found it. Climb on.

, Australia
26 July: Lots of rock climbing please!

, New Zealand
26 July: I would appreciate you including a link to the NZ Alpine Club home page on your site. We are linking the NZAC site to your online magazine.
• Done! See Southern Hemisphere Resources

, Australia
31 July: Enjoyed Joe Simpson interview - "survival prone" eh? - never thought of it like that!

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