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Recent Demographic studies indicate that Advertising on the Web is becoming more and more important for businesses wanting to reach people in the upper-income bracket. Advertising your products (or services) online, makes sense, because:

"  it's accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round!

"  it does not last for 35 seconds! It remains on-screen for as long as the user wishes; linked to a direct "mailing" routine, it obviates the need to grab for pen-and-paper!

"  "surfers" are spending time away from traditional advertising sources, viz: television and print media!

"  Not only does it augment your regional print advertising, but indeed strengthens it, by being accessible to almost 20 million people internationally, 24 hours of the day!

Types of Adverts

    "  FREE DISPLAY Advertsfor "Green", non-profit organisations! Maximum size 150x150 pixels (or equivalent). (If your non-profit organisation isn't "green", but you think that you qualify, email us. NOTE! We'll be judge and jury, on whether you fit the criteria for a FREE Display advert!)


    This type of advert can be "banners", of a size not smaller than 150x150 pixels (or equivalent square area, eg: 450x50) and a maximum size of 300x300 pixels (or equivalent). Prices range from £10-00 per month for the smaller size display advert, up to £30-00 per month for the larger size. (50 pixels = ± 1.8 cm)
Discounts: See Advertising Rate Card

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All adverts are linked to email/URLs if available. Adverts can be also be linked to our email address (for fax forwarding), or, to a web-page provided for your organisation, at an additional charge of £10-00 per page of product/service information (approximately 250 words).
For further information, contact Harry:

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