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  • eShop - a fully fledged, integrated Online Store, for businesses wanting an extra Sales-hand! (eg: a Bookstore, Grocery Store, Hardware Store...)
  • eMini - have a few dozen special items for sale? eg: a range of specialist books; or simply wanting "Shoppers" to be able to direct Product/Service Enquiries to you? Then the eMini is for you!


    • Even if you are Not conected to the Internet! ** with our
      fax / postal forwarding facility (orders and or enquiries).

    • Free registration with search-engines, business directories
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  • Fully Integrated Online Shopping Cart!
No Internet Connection required!

Unique URL

Own Email Address

£2.64 /day

Reserve your eShop Now!

  • For Retail and Wholesale* Businesses wishing to sell their Services/Products via the Internet.
  • Search for Products by Keyword, or Browse by Category.
  • Included in the per annum charge:
    • Registration of unique URL, hosting, Email Forwarding, 20 MB server space;
    • Design Consulting Service, scripting and integration of all cgi-routines with graphic design elements;
    • Ongoing Site Maintenance: server maintenance/upgrading, postal address/email changes.
    • Price changes updated at a rate of £84.00/500 (minimum charge: £150.00)

  • Price: £2.64 per day
       (total annual payment: £960/yr)
(* Wholesale "shops" can be Password-equipped to protect pricing information)
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  • Fully Functional MINI Shopping Cart!

Unique URL

Own Email Address

£1.32 /day

Reserve your eMini Shop Now!

  • For Business wishing to sell, or enable prospective customers to enquire about their Services/Products via the Internet.
  • A unique URL is assigned, together with a unique email address (eg: ), hosted on our ikhaya server.
  • Per annum charges include:
    • hosting, 10MB server space
    • product range limited to 50 unique items
    • Browsable by categories only.

  • Price: £1.32 per day
       (total annual payment: £480/yr)
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  • Fax and Postal Services Forwarding Solutions!

No Internet Connection required!

from: £0.75 per transaction

  • For Business not connected to the internet; wishing to sell, or enable prospective customers to enquire about their Services/Products via the Internet.
  • This solution is provided in conjunction with either the eShop, or eMini Shopping Cart Solutions;
  • How does it work?
      An order is placed at your shop:
    • Postal Service: we print this order to our printers; and send it by First-Class Mail to your business address;
    • Fax Service: on cmpletion of the order, the fax routine is initiated; and a fax is sent directly to your business fax number.
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