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Unique Floral Product Symbolizes a Rebirth

Northridge, CA - November 1, 1996
    Born out of a need to survive rather than wither and die, (888) Live Flowers is a company which rose from the ashes left behind by the 1994 Northridge Earthquake.

    Anyone who has sent or received a floral arrangement knows that today's wonderful surprise will become little more than next weeks fire hazard. Sever the little creatures from their life giving roots and you take away their ability to enjoy a full life. Months of growth instantly comes to a halt and the degeneration begins immediately. On the other hand, you could order living floral arrangements from (888) Live Flowers and watch them give joy to someone special for months instead of days.

    Lloyd Kennedy, who created (888) Live Flowers, has been growing flowers for Disneyland, Las Vegas Hotels (The Mirage and Treasure Island to name a couple) and countless Resorts, Golf Courses, Airports, and Shopping Malls in California, Arizona and Nevada since 1988. "The idea of the LIVING FLOWER BOUQUET was born about a month after the January '94 earthquake we had here in Northridge", reports Kennedy. "For about 6 months after the quake we couldn't give our product away! People were simply too busy rebuilding their lives. Since 40% of our business came from local customers, we were about to watch almost 7 acres of flowers, ready for transplanting into resort and hotel gardens, go to waste in the fields. Or... we could cut them and market them to florists! Or...." And the idea of the living flower bouquet was born.

Now, (888) Live Flowers offers living bouquets to millions of people shopping the www. Located at, (888) Live Flowers makes shopping for living arrangements an easy alternative to cut flowers. And, you don't even have to find parking! Living bouquets are shipped directly from our California growing grounds, to be delivered within 48 hours. Because these bouquets are actually living, Kennedy guarantees that "they will last 10 times longer than cut flowers or your money back!"

    There is one more noteworthy aspect of this unique alternative to sending cut flowers. Each living bouquet is planted in a sterile planting mix made of recycled lumber from structures that fell victim to the '94 quake. Using this "peat moss like" planting media not only eases the already bursting Southern California landfills, but allows you to share in the rebuilding of an area hit by a genuine disaster. As Kennedy puts it, "If the rubble of the Northridge quake can bring forth and support these magnificent flowers then, like the gift giving occasion that is expressed best with flowers, bad times and good times will come together to strengthen our resolve to make this planet we live on a more beautiful place for us all. All we have to do is plant the seed."

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