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   shows Mom that you love and appreciate her more than words can say, even though you can't be with her on this occasion! Or, Special Friends that you care, though you may not have been able to visit.
    "I'm in Texas and my mother's in Illinois so I haven't seen her gift first hand. However, I'm told that it's excellent - very large and impressive (always a plus!), all the plants healthy, and quite attractive... Thanks for helping make my mother's birthday a happy one. MW"    [More Unsolicited Comments]
Water and love, that's all your Live Bouquet needs to flourish and bring beauty to someone's life for months (instead of days)!   And that's a  guarantee,  that no other florist, online, or down-the-road can make!
choosing the right bouquet for the occasion
Knowing how important it is to select the right bouquet for the occasion, we thought we'd make it easier for you.... Simply select the occasion that you are shopping for, then click on Display and a range of suitable Living Bouquets will be displayed.

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