Kind Words from Satisfied Customers
I want to thank all concerned that were helpful with my admittedly RUSH order to get Pamela an appropriate Valentine.... and we have already shared the delicious peppers with our neighbors in New Mexico, who think they are just fine.... - Dennis M
Thank you for your persistent and professional follow-up with the delivery of my gift. The delivery did arrive. The box was somewhat the worse for wear but the plants and flowers were fine. Thanks again for your monitoring this issue. FedX was unresponsive to my requests (I thought they were the ones to contact!) but you were watching as well and contacted me! What a pleasant surprise. - Tom
Absolutely great! Your customer service has made this a great experience. The flower basket more beautiful that I thought it would be. It was a bit of a deal to unwrap because it was so carefully packed, but it is stunning. Thanks for the $15 credit for non-Saturday delivery, that too wound up working out ok...I was home early. - Extremely Satisfied, Jim G
I just wanted to thank you and all related to LiveFlowers for the lovely arrangement (Autumn Bowl) you sent on my behalf recently. As a prize winner, I was unsure of what to expect but the recipient has raved about the beauty and vitality of her arrangement. We are both impressed by your product, as well as the care and courtesy extended to ensure its delivery. Again, thank you for the lovely prize and your assistance. I will remember Live Flowers for future occasions. - Sincerely, Dan McC
I really appreciate the Virtual Bouquets. Being a single parent, it's very hard to make ends meet. Being able to send my friends a virtual bouquet for their special day let's them know that I am thinking about them. Thank you for offering such a wonderful service. I'm sure you've put smiles on many faces, that wouldn't have been possible, if not for your service. - K C (San Jose, CA)
Thank you for your thoughtful followup of my flower delivery. I was very pleased with it, and everyone in my office wanted to know where it came from. You will probably be getting a few orders from here. I am hoping they will stay just as lovely throughout the holidays. Your service was excellent, and the arrangement arrived in perfect condition. - Thanks again.
Thanks for writing to me. The person I sent the flowers to loved them, and they certainly made a great impression. In the end, everything turned out just fine. I did have a few times after placing my order when I wondered if everything would work out. I don't know if that was your fault or someone elses, but I'll let you know what happened. I was told when I placed the order that I would recieve email confirmation, as well as a fax. I placed the order on Monday, to be delivered today (Friday). Perhaps this was part of the reason, because you didn't have to ship them the day I ordered them. Anyway, I didn't get the fax until Wednesday. I got the email telling me they'd shipped Wednesday nite, but the fedex tracking number didn't show up as valid until Friday morning. Again, I don't know if that was anything you have control over or not, but it was a bit disconcerting. As I said before though, the recipient loved the gift, and I am glad I used your service. I will definately keep you in mind for the future. - Paul B
I'm in Texas and my mother's in Illinois so I haven't seen her gift first hand. However, I'm told that it's excellent - very large and impressive (always a plus!), all the plants healthy, and quite attractive. I would definitely use your firm in the future. I'm happy that I stumbled across your site on the directory.
Thanks for helping make my mother's birthday a happy one. - Mike W
Unfortunately, I was not initially satisfied with the arrangements you sent to both the P's and the C's. It seems that both arrangements arrived on Sunday, December 22nd damaged. I believe that the boxes were turned upside down and the plants were crushed. It seems as though this was the fault of Federal Express as the boxes were clearly marked "this end up".
Unfortunately, I have no proof of this. Mrs P then called you and you promptly sent out two more arrangements which were received on Christmas Eve. I was satisfied with the service that was provided at that point and was very happy that the arrangements arrived in time for Christmas as Mrs P was originally told that they would not. Once they finally arrived in tact, I was told by both the P's and C's that they were beautiful. Thank you for your prompt attention to the matter and for getting my gifts to their recipients in time.
Happy New Year - Dawn K
What a fun site. Thanks for the opportunity to send flowers to my friend, who is very ill and must work at home on computer. - Debra S
Glad you sent that message. I had meant to get in touch with you and tell you how much Holly enjoyed the flowers. They were in great shape and she was overjoyed. I especially like the idea of living plants instead of cut flowers. Whenever I send flowers to anyone, I will certainly keep you in mind. - Thanks Marty F
Hi Guys, Fantastic idea. I found your home page last night and sent two friends a Virtual Bouquet. They both phoned me today to thank me and to say what a grand idea... I think you should get into exporting to Australia; it seems like a very different and unusual service. - LL
Flowers were lovely as quoted. Thanks for the great job. I've entered your e-mail address in our list to use in the future. - Thanks again Sharon
Congratulations on a SUPERB and innovative web site! I couldn't resist sending just 1 bouquet! Everything about your site is outstanding, and the ideas are so immaginative. I discovered it through the site which I link into regularly. I have bookmarked your site for future reference - and to show some of my "floral friends" here in Australia. May you make millions $$$$$$! - Helen S
I just had to write and say Thank you ! I had seen ads for your company before in magazines, but just found it on the internet. The Virtual Bouquet caught my eye. A friend of mine had sent E-mail describing her "not so good" day. I used your order form and sent her a virtual bouquet. I know this will make her day. Thank you very much for this wonderful service. I will remember your company the next time I need to send real flowers. - Mama T (Haslet, TX)
I will call and order again. It's a great idea. Service was excellent and customer assistance was handled great. - Thank You Debra C
'Must tell you that you have the most beautiful home page that I've seen on the Net so far! It was, and is, a pleasure to view it. Also, I took advantage to use your postcard service ('Virtual Bouquets') and will be back often. - Thank you! Ray
Am curious if this is a freebie or do I pay If I decide to select one of your "Virtual Bouquets". Sounds interesting, but am a bit confused. Please advise. You have a wonderful web site. - Thanks, Lisa B (Belmont, NC)
Thank you for notifying me that my order is complete. I will use your services again. It was fun, efficient and colorful to use your on-line service. - Thank you Allison J

"The Ordeal of the Trapped Autumn Bowl"

Monday, October 7:
Lark Ellis, Customer Services Manager at (888) Live Flowers,
receives the following message from a delighted Mickey Pappas:

    ".... left at 12 Noon on Friday.... and did check in the mail room (and was told there was no package for me....) When I arrived this morning... they were delivered into my office.....

    I opened them and they are lovely... and I sincerely thank you....."

(FIVE days after they were shipped to Mickey,
and spent a lonely weekend, trapped in a Locked Office!)

October 18, Mickey writes again:

    Dear 888 Live Flowers
....I have it in my office - - - although I will only be able to give it fluorescent light... I must tell you it is doing very well..... The mums, pansies and all the other live plants (some whose names I do not know) are looking great. There are so many plants in the arrangement I am sure I have not seen all of them yet....WOW...

What a great idea.

Cut flowers are very nice but die too soon and then you have to keep replacing the water and tossing out the yucky decomposing flowers that are in a floral piece or bouquet.... (High maintenance - - - who has time) this is so much nicer and will last so much longer (if not forever).

I have a green thumb so I will definitely be a good care giver.... (in fact I actually went out [my compulsive personality] and purchased a plant and gro light...)

Prior to your plant fluorescent lighting was good enough for my plants.... but not yours all my plants are now enjoying a plant light thanks to you....

People are coming by my office and are really commenting and registering their jealousy... that they do not have an Autumn Bowl....

Every night I have to take my lap top home or secure it somewhere in the department - - - I may have to secure my Autumn Bowl, too.

Thank you this is a great idea, wonderful gift and I am truly enjoying mine.

    Thank you so much.


    Mickey Pappas
    Administrative Assistant
    NetGuide Magazine

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(888) Live Flowers, 16345 Nordhoff Street, North Hills CA 91343


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