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    Undermost " Nihilist " Caught " Felt " So Low " Severe " Horror " Locked Away

  • Undermost

    I'm swollen, and blistered
    I'm undermost and primitive
    A species naive to judgement a gift from you to me
    Friendlyness turns to threat left lost suffering
    I'm sorry I live in your world
    But I just don't understand my excistence

    Die....for what you did take this away
    Die....I fuckin hate you
    Try...I'll fuckin bite you

    Say what you want I want you have to feel pain you cause
    Say what you want I want you have to feel pain you cause
    please someone take this away

  • Nihilist

    Lost all, [took it, took it away] right through your hands
    Let it, [took it, took it away] let it slip away

    Something must be done
    trapped and slapped on the cuffs
    pulling out a gun
    so young, and victimized
    by the lies
    that fall like a ton of bricks
    building a wall
    eighteen years tall
    surround me ground me
    don't hand me no shit
    or play me like a mutherfuckin bitch

    I have nothing
    I am nothing
    I just exsist

    Something has come undone
    tried and tied on the shoes
    But I ain't the one
    Shunnin it
    from my face
    displaced and traced
    Ah, man you gotta embrace this
    as possibility
    yeh anger is filling me
    with hatred and lack of ability
    to scale the wall
    to scared to fall
    in the arms of a nihilist

  • Caught

    Art with a medium of
    Soiled flesh and blood
    Your tacted up to the wall
    And you better not fall

    Caught, your gunna get

    Dust clothes you
    There's dirt under your fingernails
    Physically no grief
    But we all know how you feel

    Just sitting around writing and inventing my own shit
    You forcefully enter yet I still won't let you in
    Its because you play with my mind and emotions like
    they're some kind of unwritten game you freak

  • So Low

    So low am I
    Down turned eyes
    Freedom lies my head it rings
    Kept with the dark side
    I don't mind
    Barely seen
    Driving in the cold sun
    Don't think and know what used to be
    Summin half a life
    Breeding hard lies of fire
    Almost gave it up on me
    Kept it all inside

    So low am I
    Down turned eyes
    Freedom lies my head it rings
    I must wave your lies
    And sins of conception
    This is the weak of misconnection
    Break in the lights
    Shadows flickering almost off set eyes
    And we wash away

  • Locked Away

    Push it all away
    Sleep won't change this loneliness
    I dig this hole on my own
    I know
    Crushed by remorse
    We sought the worse
    Now where's home
    Candles circled the floor


    Locked away inside
    Locked away inside
    Forsaked by temptation
    Outside contemplation
    You won't let my gift
    Take us back
    To where we can be as one

    You were meant for me
    You were made for me
    Let me take you in
    Let me give you everything
    Desire can be
    Dangerously close
    To my sanity

    If you knew what was fate
    I wouldn't feel this way
    Only you could stop this race
    in my veins it runs mad


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