Mountain Resources
Mountain Resources is a central "Reference Library" for mountaineers and climbers. What we hope to have here, in the long term, is a comprehensive directory of clubs, travel organisations, backpacker accommodation, and other bits & pieces that are a pain in the bee-hind, to have to go and research from the thousands of available sources. Most continents and countries now have a listing: Some are complete, with URL's, or postal addresses supplied, for the following: National Mountaineering, Travel and Hostelling organisations, Weather Information, Highest peaks, etc.

Your help in keeping these pages up to date, will be most gratefully accepted! Filling in the gaps, improving on the information provided, telling us if a link is not working, or has become out of date.

Southern Hemisphere
Information for Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America

Northern Hemisphere
Asia, North America and Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland


Other Resources

 "  Local Club Directory
(Is your club listed here? If not, please go and fill the form in!).

 "  Safety in the Mountains
A guideline for safe conduct in the mountains.

 "  Grades Comparison Table
A comparative table of International Climbing Grades.

 "  Resources on the WWW
Climbing Archives - selective list.

 "  Search Engines Yields Mountaineering and Climbing documents only. Description of each service provided.

 "  The Peaks and their Conquerors - included in country specific information.

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