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Sender: Jonathan Daly
Subject: Desperately seeking
Posted: 13/08/1997
I'm looking for a dutch climber called Radboud Huis in't Veld.
If any of you people know of his whereabouts please let me know or get him to contact me.

    Sender: Peter Marsh
    Subject: Bike n'Hike Mount Hood
    Posted: 24/07/1997
    I'm an expatriate Englishman living in Portland, Oregon.
    After numerous climbs of Mount Hood, our local peak, I decided to liven things up a bit for my 50th birthday!
    I biked from Portland City Hall to Timberline Lodge in 4 hours 42 minutes, (60 miles and 6,000 feet) then crashed in my vehicle overnight, then climbed to the 11,240 foot summit in 3 hours 5 minutes.
    I call it the City-Summit Challenge--a generic name which nayone is free to borrow for their region.
    No takers so far, but Americans are always shy until the media tells them it's OK!

      Sender: Gang Xu
      Subject: CLimbing in China
      Posted: 14/07/1997
      Climbing in China information and services.
      A new web site is comming. More feature will be added soon.

        Sender: Gang Xu
        Subject: Climbing
        Posted: 14/07/1997
        A good place for information about climbing in China, Mt Everst, K2 etc. Story about climbing experience in China.

          Sender: Mario Riviera
          Subject: Climbing
          Posted: 13/07/1997
          Hi every one I AM Mario from Malta any body need information,
          about climbing in malta just E-mail me and I will give you all the neccesary information.

            Sender: MARIO RIVIERA (MALTA)
            Subject: CLIMBING IN MALTA.
            Posted: 11/07/1997

            Those intresting in comeing to malta for climbing and they

            want some information do contact me by post or E mail.

            MY Address 93,dar In-Naxri Triq Il-Berquq Naxxar Malta.

            Tel 00356 413052. E-mail,

              Sender: Leigh Fraser
              Subject: Wild Iris July Festival
              Posted: 25/06/1997
              I have heard of a climbing festival at Wild Iris that usually takes place in July. If you know the exact dates and any campgrounds in the area, please reply.

                Sender: Lisa Dulac (United States)
                Subject: Mountain
                Posted: 24/06/1997
                New news from the Outdoors!

                  Sender: Jeremy and Matt
                  Subject: Rock Climbing in Jasper
                  Posted: 22/06/1997
                  We're looking for information about top-rope climbs in the Jasper area.

                    Sender: Talis
                    Subject: Alaska
                    Posted: 18/06/1997
                    I will be in the Anchorage/Palmer area 6/19 to 6/26, and would like to do some glacier climbing. Have experience and equipment. --Talis (31 years/male)

                      Sender: Brian Pearce
                      Subject: Climbing partners
                      Posted: 11/06/1997
                      Looking for climbing partners in the Anchorage area. Need some one to climb with during the winter when my brain is fried on school. Male of Female, dosen't matter. Ages 17-22. Let me know if you are intrested. Thank you.

                        Sender: Hamilton Darko (Croatia)
                        Subject: Planinarstvo
                        Posted: 02/06/1997
                        Mountain on-line e-zine

                          Sender: Alistair McArthur (australia)
                          Subject: subscribe
                          Posted: 18/05/1997
                          Please add my name to yourlist. Thanks

                            Sender: Denise Fehr-Hansen
                            Subject: Peter Fehr/Jasper
                            Posted: 14/05/1997
                            I'm looking for anyone who may have known my brother Peter who was killed while mountain climbing, by an avalanche on Dec. 12/96 near Lake O'Hara.

                            He was from Jasper as well as Canmore, in Alberta Canada.

                            Thank you.

                              Sender: Jonathan Carr
                              Subject: New Zealand web site
                              Posted: 15/04/1997
                              I would like to advertise my New Zealand website of tramping, climbing and rafting images + a bit more!
                              Hopefully the bandwidth is not too great - a 24bit monitor is an advantage for viewing.
                              The great thing about NZ mountains is the wilderness aspect, particularly in SouthWest NZ and Fiordland.

                                Sender: Jeff Gerke
                                Subject: Mt. Rainier
                                Posted: 05/04/1997
                                Looking for someone who has experience on Mt. Rainier and would like to climb it againg in July or first part of August.

                                  Sender: Sydelle Parnes
                                  Subject: school project on mountain climbing
                                  Posted: 22/03/1997
                                  I am doing a class project on mountain climbing specifically on the equipment used for the different styles. Such as rock climbing, snow and ice climbing, modern climbing, and indoor/outdoor walls. Also where I can get pictures of them off the Internet. Thank you very much.

                                    Sender: Garri Lisenko
                                    Subject: Joint Expedition Invitation
                                    Posted: 22/03/1997
                                    This is an open invitation from the mountaineering club PANORAMA of city Kharkov from Ukraine to all mountaineering clubs.
                                    We would like to organize a joint ascenton the mount McKinley in period May-July 1997. In exchenge we are willing to lead expeditions in the Caucus /peak Ushba. Elbrus/, Pamirs /peak Kommunism/, Tien-Shan /peak Viktory/.
                                    We require from you an official invitation and lists of required documents.
                                    If you are interested in participation in our climb please contact:
                                    Garri Lisenko, tel/fax:

                                      Sender: Editor at Mountain
                                      Subject: Choppers at Cuillin - new Application!
                                      Posted: 22/03/1997
                                      MFH Helicopters have submitted a NEW planning proposal to build a helicopter pad for tourist flights in the Cuillin Hills. They want to run flights up to a frequency of every ten minutes during the summer period flying along and very close to the ridge itself.
                                      The original application was withdrawn after the number of objections meant they could no longer build where they had wished. It worked once, maybe it can work again.
                                      This application has the reference number SLP 94/46 and the consultation period has begun.
                                      If you have an objection to this plan you MUST lodge it with the planning authorities before the 28th of March!
                                      All the details of the proposal and links are on-line at on the choppers page.
                                      The MCofS would like copies of all complaints that you send so that they can judge opinion and collate information.

                                      Addresses are:
                                      Mr.P M Myhill, Area Service Manager,The Highland Council, King's House, The Green, Portree, Isle of Skye.
                                      The Mountaineering Council of Scotland, (MFH Helipad Proposal 2), 4a St Catherines Road, Perth, PH1 5SE.
                                      The landowner is Mr A. MacAskill, Borla, Drynoch, Carbost, Isle of Skye, IV47 8SX.
                                      You can also send an objectiondirect to the planning office FAX by emailing your complaint to remote-printer.

                                      This is an important issue and proposal for setting precendents on acceptable use of the mountain environment. Please think about this and if you have an opinion, please, please write to the planning authorities.

                                        Sender: John Marts
                                        Subject: Old Mates
                                        Posted: 14/03/1997
                                        Looking for addresses/phone numbers of some Manchester are climbers:
                                        Paul (Tut)Braithewaite, Ed Thurrell, and the other Black and Tans from '68.
                                        Hello, if nothing else!

                                          Sender: jupitar
                                          Subject: bloudering in nj
                                          Posted: February 26, 1997
                                          looking for new places will share own beta

                                            Sender: Jim Clem
                                            Subject: information
                                            Posted: February 17, 1997
                                            I would like to contact a group from the U.K. we met on the trail near Mt.Aconcagua/Argentina Dec. 3. If you know this group, please forward my e-mail address.

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