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Sample Voice Message
All our bouquets are guaranteed to last 10 times longer than cut flowers... Right?

    Well now, our "Talking Keepsakes"

     which carry your personal voice message will last even longer!  And, each member of the family can record their own message for Grandma! Anytime she wishes to hear your voice (or her favorite grandchild's), she presses the button!!!

      Now you're really talking!

    The Talking Keepsake contains your personal recorded message (in your natural voice tone) that will last and last. Just replace batteries every once in a while, and your keepsake will keep talking indefinitely.

Here's how it works...
After your order for a Talking Keepsake has been processed, you will be given a PIN number and a toll free number to call. Once you have called the toll free number you will soon discover how easy it is to create your own 10 second message which will be transferred to our Talking Keepsake and delivered along with your thoughtful gift. That's it! ($10.95)

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