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Contents (updated: 22 Jan 1998)
Sender: Logan Banks
Subject: Makalu
Posted: 18/05/1998
Anyone have any info on post-monsoon expeditions on Makalu?

    Sender: Fred Gibbs (USA)
    Subject: Subscribe
    Posted: 15/05/1998
    Great site. Please add me to the mailing list. Thank you.

      Sender: Skyhand (US)
      Subject: Someday
      Posted: 05/05/1998
      Someday I'm gonna do some mountaineering. Can you tell me the best way for an amateaur to get started? Thanks

        Subject: mEET cLIMBERS
        Posted: 02/05/1998
        • Reply from: Carl Ryan UK Climber and Climbing Photographer
          Hi Diego,
          I am a UK climber who specialises in action climbing photography rather than Mountaineering.If you would let me know if you wish to speak please reply, Thank you
          Carl tel UK Tel

        Sender: Matt Roe (U.S.A.)
        Subject: Mt. Ranier
        Posted: 17/04/1998
        I'm looking for alternative guiding orgainzations other than

        RMI for a thorough course on alpine moutaineering on Ranier

        in the last two weeks of May. Any suggestions with phone


        • Reply from: Cindy Martin
          Cascade Alpine Guides

          Emmons Glacier Route
          aug 9-12
          $590.00 + $15

        Sender: lisa clements
        Subject: carstenz pyramid
        Posted: 22/03/1998
        i am trying to get beta on getting a permit
        • Reply from: Gus
          You posted a note a while ago about Carstenz Pyramid and permits for it. Have you had any luck so far? Some friends and myself were looking at the possibilities later this year - can you give any tips on getting the permit?
          Alternatively, if you have already been and returned; how was it?

          Hope to hear from you,


        Sender: Jim Souza (USA)
        Subject: Jim Souza
        Posted: 16/03/1998
        Jim Souza

          Sender: Jim Souza (USA)
          Subject: Jim Souza
          Posted: 16/03/1998
          Jim Souza

            Sender: Jim Souza (USA)
            Subject: Jim Souza
            Posted: 16/03/1998
            Jim Souza

              Sender: Jim Souza (USA)
              Subject: Jim Souza
              Posted: 16/03/1998
              Jim Souza

                Sender: Andy Brown (USA)
                Posted: 11/03/1998
                2453 North Halsted #3F

                Chicago, IL 60614

                  Sender: Zango
                  Subject: Climbing Walls
                  Posted: 06/03/1998
                  I am a final year student about to mbakr upon my final year special study for which I am researching injuries within indoor climbing walls in the UK. If anybody out there knows of any database system that show information on occurrence of injuries within any UK climbing walls, please be kind enough to e-mail me as soon as possible.


                  • Reply from: Lou costello
                    Try British Mountaineering Council in Manchester UK they are on the net.
                    Best Wishes
                  • Reply from: Carl Ryan
                    Hi Zango,
                    You could try the Bristol Climbing Wall Fax or tel Julian on UK Code + They may be able to help you.

                  Sender: Budyansky Michael
                  Subject: Opened Championship
                  Posted: 18/02/1998
                  Dear friends! Climbers! Mountaineers!
                  EuroAsian Association of Mountaineering and Climbing invite you and your teams to take part in the Opened Championship of Mountaineering in technique class in the Fan mountains.
                  Please donot hesitate to contact me for more informatin.
                  Members of Organizing Commettee of this events set up some prizes for winners.
                  It willbe possible to climb peaks Kommunizm and Korzhenevskaya in the Pamirs.
                  I have much more offers for lovers adventures, travels, exotics.
                  You are welcome
                  Yours Michael Budyansky from Moscow.

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