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Sender: Gary L. Moore
Subject: Everest Archeology
Posted: 06/05/1998
In March, 1999, Gary L. Moore will undertake an archeological project at Everest Base Camp, and Herbert Centrone will both climb and conduct higher elevation archeological recovery. We are looking for trekkers to participate in archeological project, and climbers for high elevation work and summit bid.

    Sender: Michael Keen
    Subject: 1998 Annapurna I South Face New Route
    Posted: 15/04/1998
    In the autumn of 1998 a team of
    12 Americans will attempt a new direct finish
    to the 1970 Bonnington route on the South Face
    of Annapurna I. The expedition is still searching for sponsors
    and trekkers.
    • Reply from: Gary L. Moore
      Good Luck!
    • Reply from: Gayle Long
      Chris and Keith, My students and I are keeping ourselves updated on your progress, they are very anxious. they want to wish you luck and good weather. Gayle Long, teacher of 10 graders

    Sender: Bob Nardi
    Subject: RCMP Climbing Mt. Wood
    Posted: 25/03/1998

    In 1998, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police celebrates 125 years of policing in Canada. To mark the event, a team of climbers from the RCMP will attempt to reach the summit of Mount Wood (15,741 feet; 4,839 metres) located in the St. Elias coastal range of the Yukon Territory. The team will consist of 4 mounties, one park ranger and an Alaskan state trooper.

    Mount Wood is named after Assistant Commissioner Zachary Taylor Wood, who spent 15 years in the Yukon between 1897-1912. There have been only 12 expeditions to Mount Wood over the last 60 years, nine of which have been successful in placing team members on the summit.

    The expedition is climbing the mountain carrying digital telecommunications equipment. Dispatches, sound files, and photographs of the climbers will be forwarded to a special web site devoted to the event on a daily basis. Following the expedition, a series of public slide shows are planned.

    Our company has developed the official web site for this event as a sponsorship. Just last month we covered the Yukon Quest International Dog Sled Race with a similar telecommunications system.

    I write to request a link from your site. We will create a reciprocal link to your site. Events of this nature can generate huge activity and provide mutual benefits to both linked sites.

    We believe the event would be of interest to users of your site. Our goal is simply to have the site seen by as many people as possible. As a frame of reference, during the 16 days of the Yukon Quest, the site received in excess of 300,000 hits. As we are developing links with mountaineering, adventure and geographic sites around the world, we believe the RCMP site could generate well in excess of 1,000,000 hits during the climb.

    Please visit the web site at http://www.hyperborean-web.com/rcmpclimb

    It is still in development, and we are adding components daily.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Bob Nardi

      Sender: Roger Marolt
      Subject: Aspen Broad Peak Expedition
      Posted: 24/07/1997
      The team made a summit attempt on July 22, 1997. They were turned away by bad weather. They will make another attempt this weekend. Good Luck Mike, Steve, Jim and Slowman!

        Sender: Roger Marolt
        Subject: Aspen Broad Peak Expedition
        Posted: 24/07/1997
        The team made a summit attempt on July 22, 1997. They were turned away by bad weather. They will make another attempt this weekend. Good Luck Mike, Steve, Jim and Slowman!

          Sender: David Lim
          Subject: Singapore Cho Oyu Expedition 1997
          Posted: 11/07/1997
          Major warm up time before our Everest trip in 1998.

          Catch updates from Tibet when we go to Cho Oyu ( 8201m )
          from Aug 24th - Oct 9th. This will be our
          chance to beta test the SATCOM gear.

          See our website:


          or http://www.cyberway.com.sg/~davelim

            Sender: Niclas Astrom
            Subject: Swedish Hidden Peak Expedition 1997
            Posted: 06/07/1997
            Gasherbrum 1, 8068 m, Himalaya
            First attempt to reach the top: June 9th!
            Join us "live" at


              Sender: Mansoor Siddiqui
              Subject: Pakistan Everest Expedition
              Posted: 31/05/1997
              First attempt aborted a few hundred Yards short due extremely bad weather. The Team returned to Camp III (7700m). Camp IV established (8400m) on NE Ridge thursday afternoon. Next attempt on May 30. Best of luck to Nazir Sabir, Lt Col Sher Khan and other members of the team.
              • Reply from: Therese Kapaun
                Best of luck, Nazir. We met at Escalade '95 in Australia at the Bay Tree Tea Shop. I'm the loud-mouth Yank. Cheers.

              Sender: Francis X. Olding
              Subject: First American Woman on Lhotse?
              Posted: 22/03/1997
              On 9 March 97 Christine Feld Boskoff of Atlanta Georgia, USA will leave for an expedition to climb Lhotse.
              Lhotse (27,940 ft.) is a sister peak to Mt. Everest, it is the world's fourth highest mountain, and has never been summited by an American woman (only one other woman in history has summited Lhotse).
              If Christine, who will be climbing with her husband Keith, is able to summit Lhotse, she will not only be the first American female to do so, she will tie for the most 8000 meter peaks by an American female. GOOD LUCK CHRISTINE!!!
              • Reply from: Molly
                Ann Hahn is going to climb Aconcagua 6,962m (22,841 ft) Argentina. Fall 1998.

                Any volunteer Llama drivers?
              • Reply from: Francis X. Olding
                Chris Boskoff is planning to attempt Mt Everest in the Spring of 1998. If Chris is successfulon Everest, she will have summitted four 8000 meter peaks. She will then have climbed more 8000 meter peaks than any other American woman. We hope she doesn't stop there. maybe the first woman to climb all 14 8000 meter peaks?
              • Reply from: Kathryn Adams
                Chris did make the summit on May 26th. She has now summitted three 8000 m peaks and I'm sure she will be looking forward to her fourth, which would make her the first women to summit four peaks at that height. Good luck Chris!
              • Reply from: Brian Pearce
                Hope you make it to the top.

              Sender: mary kunzler-larmann
              Subject: ellesmere island
              Posted: 21/03/1997
              I am organizing a charter from Resolte Bay, Canada to Tanquary Fiord, Lake Hazen and Fort Conger on Ellesmere Island. 24 July-8 Aug. 1997. Can come with your own group or join ours. Anyone interested?

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