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Closing date for the 2nd contest is 30 November 1996
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  • Photo Contest - Prize Money: Minimum value £100-00 cash, plus monthly booktokens! Readers are invited to submit photographs depicting any aspect of mountaineering, climbing or related activities to the Mountain Photos Contest. Each month a "Photo of The Month" will be chosen by you, the readers. At the end of each six month period, you will be given an opportunity to select "The Mountain Top Photo" - Monthly winners will receive booktokens to the value of £10-00.

    Winner of "The Mountain Top Photo" will receive a minimum of £100-00 in cash.

    Rules: Photographs must be the work of the photographer under whose name the photograph is submitted. All photographs must be submitted in electronic format - preferably TIFF format - 16.7 million colour, scanned at 100dpi maximum.

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