For Members of the Internet Link Exchange
& bona fide Non-Profit Organisations


IKHAYA Design Studio, has offered a Free Advertising Banner creation Service for Members of the Internet Link Exhange since the inception of the Link Exhange's Free Banner Service in May 1996 - profiting from members' positive input and warm thanks... and suffering the very rare "moan" from the subset of homo sapiens who shall remain unclassified, anonymous, and unsatisfied. ;)

 Conditions   We do not discriminate against age/youth, sex, religion, culture, etc, BUT we will NOT be associated in any manner whatsoever with sites that contain:

  • Filth, or displaying links to sites which may contain filth!;
  • Sites with unwarranted or excess profanities;
  • Sites worshipping Satan or any of it's "followers";
 If you're comfortable with the above, and agree to give us credit for the work done, by adding a link to our home page, then you're welcome to a "Free Banner"!
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