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California Fiesta  - Spring flowers herald the arrival of things to come. Buds bloom on apple trees, and bulbs break through the thawing soil. Because we are in California, April showers bring March flowers. La Bamba baby, and this spicy bouquet will heat up the coolest
(Price: $49.95 - Available March - June)

Pepper and Herb  - Hot and spicy mixed with cool and leafy. This bowl features 'Parsley, Sage Rosemary and Thyme' and our 14" faux terra cotta bowl still has room for Dill and Garlic Chives and HOT peppers
(Price: $59.95 - Available All Year)

Gold Dust  - The tropical plants of this arrangement proudly display magnificent variegated and gold dusted leaves. In their natural state, these plants thrive beneath a dense canopy of trees on the floor of the tropical forest where there is very little natural light (not unlike modern day offices). With proper care, this living arrangement can last for years
(Price: $69.95 - Available All Year)

Tropical Island  - This elegant indoor bowl will delight anyone on your special gift list. Its array of tropical indoor plants featuring glossy dark green leaves are a perfect setting for the bright blossoms of our Cyclamen plant
(Price: $69.95 - Available All Year)

Easter Charm  - That perfect someone aged eight to eighty is sure to be delighted with our enchanting Easter arrangement. This theme bowl comes with a paper mache basket complete with sparkling eggs presented in a colorful bed of seasonal flowers and an Easter Peace Lily as a back drop
(Price: $69.95 - Available Easter)

Orchid  - Collectors and art lovers alike will love this modern designer bowl. A great choice for the man in your life or anyone who loves the exotic. The multi-blossomed spike of our 24" white Phalaenopsis orchid blooms for weeks. Known as the Moth Orchid, it is native to East India. We ship it complete with care instructions
(Price: $79.95 - Available All Year)

Rain Forest  - A favorite of interior decorators, the Bromeliad is a relative of the wild Pineapple and many species are found in the darkest areas of the Brazilian Rain Forests. These dramatic house plants almost take care of themselves and they thrive in low light, brightening any office, hallway or living area where light is a consideration. A great Fathers Day gift or any other occasion when you're shopping for the adventurer in your life
(Price: $79.95 - Available All Year)

Azalea Topiary  - With proper care this hearty flowering miniature will put on a spectacular show of exploding color 3 times a year. (different colors available) Under the umbrella of glossy green foliage sit little formal rows of hedging flowers appropriate for the season. (Pictured: Crystal Palace Lobelia)
(Price: $79.95 - Available All Year)

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