Patagonia Wilderness Cover Photo
Argentine Patagonia lies, quite literally, at the end of the earth and encompasses extensive areas of incomparable wilderness.

The southernmost region of the Americas is shown here for the first time in 118 color photographs collected for Patagonia Wilderness.

The diversity of this land framed by the Andes Mountains and South Atlantic Ocean is remarkable. The variety and sheer numbers of animals enrich the spectacle of the Patagonian landscapes, which range from snow-crested peaks amidst broad glacial fields to deserts, dense ancient forests and powerful seascapes.

Patagonia Wilderness is a pictorial collection of nature for one of the world's great wilderness areas.

Authors: Marcelo D Beccaceci & Bonnie J Hayskar

Also Available: Patagonia Poster, and Natural Cuba.

Publisher's WebSite: P A N G A E A