Climber at Sunrise

For years I have dreamed of publishing a Mountain Magazine.  My way! Several false starts, interrupted by disease, divorce, dementia and decrepetia, finally brought me to this point in time. The interruptions has certain advantages. With McCluhan's Global Village fast becoming a virtual reality, geographical considerations can be dispensed with. Thus, the magazine does not have to cater exclusively for Brits, Americans, Australians, South Africans, South-Westerners... By clicking on a link, I can be transported to any part of the known world! Here then, my contribution to disseminating information in the village. And a genuine attempt at an online Mountain Magazine.

Catering for, and accessible to mountaineers, even in the remotest regions, Mountain Online keeps you in touch with what's happening in the global mountaineering community.
From here onwards the magazine is yours...

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